„ In the evenig Madam says: put on new cloth and you work in the night. I said, no I can not do this job. I hide in the gas station some hour. When she come back she shout on me. I say I cannot do this job, you lie to me. You say I can work in the supermarket. Of course it was a lie, she said. A black never get any other job. I should give back the money for flight, the money for visa and the money for hospital of my father. Next day she shout again and she put hot water over me. When she was on the fone I get out, like I was in pyjamas and run to the station.
I rent a room for a month. To pay the rent I work in the night. I worked in Venezia also. Other girls, I think albanian girls want me to go away. The put somthing in my eyes I can not see anymore.“